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Note-This Wiki Has Been Release In March 11,2019 Each Of Codes Are Not Done Next Upd. Now.

Codes On Bee Swarm Simulator

1.38217  : Prize 5 Tickets

2.BopMaster  : Prize 5 Tickets

3.Buzz  : Prize 5000 Honey

4.Cog  : Prize 5 Tickets

5.Connoisseur  : 5 Tickets

6.Nectar  : 5000 Honey

7.Wax  : 5 Tickets,5000 Honey

8.Wink  : 5 Tickets,5000 Honey,Dandelion Field Boost x7,Mega Haste

9.300MVisits  : Royal Jelly,Wealth Clock,Pine Tree Forest Boost x2,Rose Field Boost x2,Sonflower Field Boost x2,10 Treats

10.Club Bean  : Magic Bean,Pineapple Patch Boost x2

11.SecretProfileCode  : Ant Pass,Shocked Bee Jelly,Oil Buff,Glue Buff,Enzymes Buff

12.WikiHonor  : 1 Royal Jelly,1 Stinger,10 Pineapple,10 Gumdrops,Strawberry Field Boost x3,Inspire x5

13.WikiAwardClock  : Wealth Clock x5

14.GumdropsForScience  : 15 Gumdrops

15.2MFavorites  : 1 Royal Jelly,5 Tickets,Oil,5 Strawberry,5 Blueberry,Wealth Clock x5,Mega Haste,Baby Love,Stump Field Boost And More

16.BloxyBoost  : 5 Ticket,Mushroom Field Boost x5,1h Conservation Boost

17.BeeMine  : 1 Royal Jelly,10 Strawberry,1h Conservation Boost,Rofe Field Boost x3

18.Sure  : 30 Min Conservation Boost,Dandelion Field Boost x3,2500 Honey

19.BloxyCelebration  : 5 Tickets,Magic Bean,Baby Love,6h Conservation Boost,Mountain Top Field Boost x4,Clover Field Boost x5

20.Reboooot  : Wealth Clock,Stump Field Boost,Spider Field Boost x4,2h Conservation Boost

21.AnniversaBee  : HoneyDay Event x1,x2 Pollen,x2 Convertion Rate

Codes On Bubble Gum Simulator Released Only Bee Swarm Simulator.

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